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Advanced Latin (Individual Readings)

  • 1 hour
  • $50 USD/per hour
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

One of Mr. O’s favorite courses to teach online. In this course, both student and Mr. O settle upon an author they wish to read. Do you want to read and translate Suetonius’ biographies of the emperors? Why not! How about Caesar’s Bellum Civile, Horace, Tacitus, or any other number of Latin authors from the Republic through the late Empire. The student gets to choose from this buffet of authors: Ammianus Marcellinus Tacitus Caesar Vergil Horace Martial Catullus Ovid Suetonius Pliny the Younger Sallust Marcus Tullius Cicero …And whatever other author you can think of that may catch your fancy. You choose which author and how long you want to do your reading. Mr. O has had students who’ve spent a year reading all the works of a single author, and some who just want to do several authors just for the highlights. Again, this is the Latin student’s call.

Contact Details


5715 Trieda Drive, Melbourne, FL, USA

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