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Learn the Classical World and its Languages from the best!



Looking for an exceptional learning experience? Look no further than Mr. O Teaches. We offer a diverse selection of online courses that cater to your needs. With flexible schedules and personalized instruction, we're here to help you reach your full potential.


Below are some of the tutorials Mr. O currently provides, updating occasionally as whimsy or fancy may catch him. Each tutorial is one hour ONLY, with the first hour ALWAYS gratis. This allows the student and Mr. O to get to know each other during the ongoing tutorials. Each course is $50 USD per hour.


A basic tutorial to assist the student of Classical Latin with difficult grammatical and morphological concepts.


this series of lessons builds upon the foundational instruction of Beginner’s Latin, usually introducing Latin students to the more complex concepts.

Advanced Latin
(Individual Readings)

One of Mr. O’s favorite courses to teach online. In this course, both student and Mr. O settle upon an author they wish to read.

Advanced Placement Latin Exam Tutorial

Only 20% of all high school students who take the Latin Advanced Placement Exam get a 3 or higher. Let Mr. O show you how to get into that 20th percentile.

Introduction to Ancient Greek

Whether you use Athenaze or Hansen and Quinn, we jump right in and learn to read ancient Attic Greek right away.


Mr. O and the student pick up right where they left off with the Introduction to Ancient Greek course tutorial.


If a student has the skill sets and enjoys mythology and heroic epic, this course is for you. Treat yourself to Homer and his world.


For those students who wish to read the New Testament in the original language it was written in: Koine, or if you prefer, ‘the common man’s’, Greek.


This tutorial is for the advanced student reading prose or verse authors in the original Greek at the collegiate level (or a high school level that offers ancient Greek).

National Greek Exam Prep Tutorial

This tutoring session helps the advanced ancient Greek student navigate the difficult National Greek Exam issued by the American Classical League.

Roman History I: Foundation, Monarchy and Republic

A survey course the examines Rome’s archaic origins in the Bronze Age, as we try to reconcile the mythological founding stories of Rome.

Roman History II: The Roman Republic

Following chronologically Roman History I, we trace the development of Roman institutions.

Roman History III: The Dissolution of the Roman Republic to the Establishment of the Principate

Our course picks up after 146 BCE, when the Roman Republic has very few formidable enemies, and expansion.

Roman History IV: Imperial Roman and Pax Romana

The Principate established by Augustus is subsequently given its personal stamp by a colorful array of Emperors that follow in Augustus’ long institutional shadow.

Roman History V: Crisis of the Third Century, the Dominate and Constantine the Great

Per the courses title, we pick up our narrative after the assassination of Alexander Severus and his mother by the Roman Army, ending the last of the Severins.

Roman History VI

The conclusion of the sequence of Roman history courses, looking at the state of the Empire at the time of Constantine’s death.

History of the
Bronze Age

This tutorial class covers the area of the Levant, Ancient Egypt, the Troad, Mesopotamia, Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greece.


Out of the ruins of the Greek “Dark” Age, emerges a dynamic society, one that will produce Homer and a greater Greek diaspora across the ancient Mediterranean.


 Picking up where the Archaic Greece tutorial ends, the survey course covers the period of Classical Greece at its zenith.

Hellenistic Greece and Alexander the Great

With Sparta’s defeat by Thebes, and Thebes subsequent destruction by Macedon, this survey covers the period that starts with the kingdom of Macedon.

The United States Revolutionary War

This course surveys the origins of the thirteen colonies subsequent break for Great Britain.

The United States Civil War

Still just on the death statistics alone, the United States’ most violent, divisive conflict, which has subsequently shaped modernity itself.

World War

The war “to end all wars” is the core of this survey.

World War

Sometimes referred to “tongue-in-cheek” as ‘WW: The Sequel, this discussion group follows on the World War One tutorial.

National Greek Exam Prep Tutorial

As the course title suggests, this tutoring session, like the Advanced Placement Latin Exam tutorial course listed above, helps the advanced ancient Greek student navigate the difficult National Greek Exam issued by the American Classical League.


Given to those high school ancient Greek students who wish to pass this exam with as high a score as possible. This tutorial covers everything: mythology, translation and syntax, literary analysis and so much more.

AP Latin Preparatory Course.JPG
  • Apr 12, 2025, 12:00 PM EDT – Apr 19, 2025, 12:00 PM EDT
    City of Rome, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy
    This is one of Mr. O’s favorite excursions. We spend an intensive week in the City of Rome. In addition to the Classical sites such as the Forum Romanum and the Colosseum, we also visit the offbeat, to include the Via Appia, Tomb of the Scipios, the Catacombs, the Aurelian Wall, Ostia Antiqua.

Upcoming Trips

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Mr. O Teaches is an online learning platform that provides high-quality educational resources for students of all ages. Our mission is to make learning engaging and accessible for everyone. We believe that education is the key to unlocking potential and achieving success, and we strive to empower students to reach their full potential.


Our team of experienced educators is dedicated to creating innovative and effective learning tools that help students thrive. We are passionate about education and are committed to making a difference in the lives of our students.

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Timothy P. O'Flaherty

Timothy P. O’Flaherty, aka Mr. O, has been a Latin and ancient Greek language and history teacher since his graduate school days at Indiana University. He has led several dozen student tours to both Italy and Greece, and has lived in both Italy and Greece, studying, working and practicing archeology. 

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